Effective HR management is an important part of the MOSaIC’s workplan dedicated to IIMCB’s organizational enhancement. IIMCB has held the HR Excellence in Research award granted by the European Commission since 2013. This award recognizes IIMCB as a quality employer that offers a favourable working environment in line with the European Charter for Researchers & the Code of Conduct for their Recruitment (C&C). Thanks to the ERA Chairs project we can enhance the IIMCB’s HR management for proficient execution of C&C-related activities. To this aim, the MOSaIC’s plan includes: 

  • The HR Strategy for IIMCB which includes HR Unit priorities vis-a-vis IIMCB set objectives, related HR activities, tools and procedures
  • Establishment of a comprehensive recruitment support system and specifically assisting scientists in recruitment processes
  • Career development and training of IIMCB researchers
  • Support to foreign employees during their stay in Poland by providing comprehensive assistance to foreign researchers
  • Efficient solving of potential conflicts including elaboration of procedures and/or good practices in this scope

To implement these activities, IIMCB recruited Head of HR Unit, an experienced HR manager responsible for preparing HR strategy, coordinating work within the listed categories, delegating tasks among HR personnel, and elaborating on a range of measures, tools, and activities in these areas.

We believe that a restructured HR Unit will help cultivate a multinational, vibrant environment that will attract the highest calibre of research scientists.