Coordination of gender issues at the IIMCB is one of the MOSaIC’s tasks. The project not only supports individual actions and activities but also contributes to the Institute’s systemic approach in this regard.

Working Group on Gender Equality Opportunities

One of the priorities of IIMCB is to foster a working environment in which all individuals are treated equally, with respect and with fairness. Accordingly, the Director of IIMCB established a Working Group on Gender Equality Opportunities, which includes representatives of researchers at all career levels and representatives of the administration. The responsibilities of the group include: preparation of a gender equality plan for IIMCB, coordination of the implementation of activities in the area of gender equality and advice on gender equality issues.

Members of the Working Group on Gender Equality Opportunities are: 

  1. Katarzyna Fiedorowicz – Head of HR Unit - Chair
  2. Gracjan Michlewski – representative of Lab Leaders
  3. Mariusz Czarnocki-Cieciura – representative of Postdoctoral Researchers, Researchers and Senior Researchers
  4. Karim Abu Nahia – representative of PhD Students
  5. Dorota Wasiak-Libiszowska – Head of Grants Office
  6. Agnieszka Faliszewska – Deputy Head of HR Unit

Gender Equality Plan for the IIMCB

Following consultations within the Working Group on Gender Equal Opportunities and institutional gender analysis, the IIMCB adopted its Gender Equality Plan for the period 2022-2025. The main goal of the document is to make IIMCB a safe place for its entire community, functioning with respect for the principles of equality and diversity, free from discrimination, and thus enabling all employees to freely develop their scientific and personal skills.

The Gender Equality Plan for IIMCB embraces activities aiming at: improvement of existing practices, promotion of good practices applied in best EU research institutes and implementation of actions that will strengthen the Institute as a safe workplace, where the principles of equality are respected and discrimination is prevented through an early intervention system.

Women in Science Symposium 

MOSaIC team supported the organization of the conference entitled Women in Science Symposium (WiSS).  The event was organized by the IIMCB postdoctoral researchers in March 2021. The aim of WiSS was to increase the awareness of young female scientists of their own potentials and opportunities. During the two-day symposium, outstanding PhD students and postdoctoral researchers (mainly from the natural sciences) met with successful, renowned women of diverse professional backgrounds (including academia, industry, science journalism and politics) to benefit from their experiences and to discuss different career options. At the opening of the symposium, Prof. Jacek Jaworski, gave a presentation entitled: “Women in science - the IIMCB perspective.”