WP1. Recruitment of the ERA Chair Group Leader and new group members

Leader: Prof. Marcin Nowotny, Head of Laboratory of Structural Biology, former Deputy Director for Science

Main tasks:

  • Recruitment of the ERA Chair Group Leader
  • Recruitment of the ERA Chair Group members

WP2. Strengthening scientific and innovation potential of IIMCB and the surrounding region

Leader: Prof. Andrzej Dziembowski, ERA Chair Group Leader, Head of the Laboratory of RNA Biology

Main tasks:

  • Application for grants to external funding sources
  • Networking visits to and transfer of knowledge from the best research and industrial centers in Europe and overseas
  • Specialized training sessions for the ERA Chair Group Members

WP3. Structural changes for effective science management at IIMCB

Leader: Dr. Urszula Bialek-Wyrzykowska, Deputy Director for Development

Main tasks:

  • Development of OA, ODM, and ethical policies and organization of an internal training from the above policies
  • Feasibility study on an IIMCB doctoral school
  • IPR Management

WP4. Structural changes for more effective implementation of  the European Charter for Researchers and a Code of Conduct for the Recruitment of Researchers (EU C&C) principles

Leader: Katarzyna Fiedorowicz, Head of Human Resources Unit 

Main tasks:

  • Preparation of the HR Strategy for IIMCB
  • Assisting scientists in recruitment processes
  • Organization of 5 career development training sessions for IIMCB employee groups
  • Support to foreign employees during their stay in Poland
  • Efficient conflict solving, including a training for IIMCB Ombudsmen and Head of HR Unit

WP5. Strengthening MOSaIC’s recognition among national and European stakeholders

Leader: Daria Goś, PR Senior Specialist

Main tasks:

  • Dissemination of MOSaIC results by the ERA Chairs Group Leader and group members to scientists and potential business partners
  • Dissemination of results of structural improvements
  • Communicating MOSaIC and its results to stakeholders

WP6. Management

Leader: Dorota Libiszowska, Head of the Grants Office

Main tasks:

  • Project management – strategic and operational management (monitoring, controlling)
  • Project administration (reports, finances)
  • Synchronizing communication