Dorota was born and raised in Lodz. She graduated from the International Relations at the University of Lodz, studied at the University of Lyon and finished post-graduate international management studies in the College des Ingenieurs in Paris.  Ever since, she settled in Warsaw where she has been working and living happily. She specializes in project management with a focus on European grants: she managed EU Pre-Accession initiatives, promoted participation of Polish researchers in the EU Framework Programmes and since 2005 - has been supporting scientists at the IIMCB. Dorota has a family and is a mother of two great boys. She lives actively and health, loves swimming, spontaneous adventures and books.

Dorota is the Project Manager of the MOSaIC ERA Chairs H2020. She knows MOSaIC inside out so can answer any questions you may have on this action :-). She oversees daily implementation of the project's tasks and budget. She cooperates closely with project team members, organizes project's meetings, consults and advises her colleagues in questionable issues as well as stays in contact with the Project Advisor in Brussels. Dorota is also the Head of Grants Office. She supervises 5-person  team by planning, distributing and monitoring of tasks among team members. She alsoactively supports scientists in the management of international and national grants funded from different sources: EU Framework Pogrammes, EU Structural Funds, HHMI, EMBO, Wellcome Trust, National Science Centre, Foundation for Polish Science, National Science Centre for Research Development and others.  She is also involved in the implementation of the European ‘HR Excellence in Research Award' at the Institute, fulfils the role of the Ombudsman for Researchers and contributes to the Group of IIMCB’s Volunteers.