Michał received his Bachelor’s degree in 2014 and Master’s degree in 2016 from the Department of Biology, University of Warsaw, where under supervision of dr hab. Anna Ajduk he studied biology of oocyte and development in mouse (Mus musculus), especially effect of oxidative stress on oocyte’s ability to undergo fertilization and further development. In 2016 he joined the group of prof. Andrzej Dziembowski as a PhD student, where he studies different aspects of RNA regulation and degradation in oocyte and developing embryo. Main aim of his project is analysis of terminal nucleotidyltransferases activity in mouse oogenesis and role of exosome complex in embryo development.  During his ongoing PhD studies he presented results of my work on Fifth International Oocyte Meeting. He also took part in 2-week EMBO Mouse Genome Engineering course where he learned the details of CRISPR/Cas9 method application. After that he joined Mouse Genome Engineering Facility established by prof. Dziembowski, which utilizes CRISPR/Cas9 technology to produce genetically engineered mouse models for research. Michał's research interests are: mouse, oocyte, developmen and RNA biology.