Zuzanna Mackiewicz was born in 1996 in Warsaw, Poland. In 2020 she graduated from the Faculty of Chemistry (specialization: Medical Chemistry) at Warsaw University of Technology obtaining M.Sc. Eng. titles. During her studies she was involved in many projects concerning both chemistry and biology. In years 2016-2019 she was working as a volunteer at the Institute of Organic Chemistry (under the supervision of prof. Mieczysław Mąkosza). Additionally, she completed a summer internship at Imperial College London (under the supervision of prof. Alan Spivey), where she conducted research in the field of organic synthesis and organocatalysis. In 2019 she was an intern at International Institute of Molecular and Cell Biology in prof. Janusz Bujnicki laboratory, where she was studying RNA-ligands interaction using computer-based methods. During both her master and bachelor theses she was developing and constructing mircofluidic devices for 3D cell cultures that could be used for testing compounds’ cytotoxicity. From 2020 she is the PhD student in RNA biology group at IIMCB under the supervision of prof. Andrzej Dziembowski.

Zuzanna's research interests are: molecular biology, RNA biology, bioinformatics, drug design, medical chemistry.

She has a lot of varied interests, like sport (tennis, rollerblading, skiing) and travelling, she is also a movie enthusiast.