IIMCB has started the MOSaIC project. Its main goal is creation of the Interdisciplinary Centre of Excellence in Molecular Signaling in Health and Disease (MOSaIC). The ERA Chairs scheme gives us a unique opportunity to improve our performance by attracting an outstanding principal investigator in molecular signaling. This investigator will complement and strengthen the current research lines at IIMCB and will influence structural changes for responsible research and effective science management.

The MOSaIC has 5 objectives. The first is recruitment of an ERA Chair holder and affiliates in an open process that involves a set of incentives for the successful candidate to establish an excellent research group. The second is to augment scientific research and innovation in IIMCB and surrounding region through the work of the ERA Chair holder in molecular signaling, a field with great promise for medical advancement. The third and fourth involve structural improvements in science management and consolidated HR activities to develop a research environment that meets the highest international standards, including those set in the EU Charter and Code. Dissemination and communication activities will enable us to achieve the fifth objective: widespread recognition of the MOSaIC and IIMCB among national and European stakeholders.

Thanks to the MOSaIC, IIMCB scientists will lead innovative and internationally competitive research in an environment of excellent organizational standards and support. They will engage in European partnerships, and their projects will lead to practical inventions.