Professor Andrzej Dziembowski won the open international competition for the ERA Chairs Group Leader position at IIMCB. The Laboratory of RNA Biology will start operating in December 2019. It will be supported by the Horizon2020 ERA Chairs project entitled “MOlecular Signaling in Health and Disease - Interdisciplinary Centre of Excellence” acronym: MOSaIC.

The primary research interest of the laboratory is the regulation of gene expression at the posttranscriptional level. Currently, Prof. Dziembowski’s research is focused on two areas:

  • Analysis of the function of processive ribonucleases, which through RNA degradation shape the transcriptomes of eukaryotic cells
  • Analysis of cytoplasmic poly(A) and poly(U) polymerases which add nontemplated nucleotides to the 3’ ends of RNA molecules affecting their stability and biological functions.