Grant applications undergo complex evaluation processes involving multiple stages, specific criteria, different experts. How actually the evaluation process look like? What are the criteria? What are the most important issues evaluators pay attention to? These and other important questions were tackled at the internal training session on “Evaluation process in the National Science Centre – behind the scene”.

Our speakers:

- Prof. Jacek Kuźnicki, Head of Laboratory of Neurodegeneration and Coordinator of MOSaIC,

- Prof. Marcin Nowotny, Head of Laboratory of Protein Structure and MOSaIC WP1 Leader,

- Prof. Gracjan Michlewski, Head of Laboratory of RNA-Protein Interactions - Dioscuri Centre,

shared their experiences, knowledge and advice from the grant evaluation processes, both as their organizers and experts evaluators.

The training hosted 78 participants. It was organized by IIMCB Grants Office team and Representatives of the Senior Scientists, Postdoctoral and PhD Students Councils in response to a bottom-up initiative launched by the IIMCB researchers. It was part of the internal workshop series supporting career development of researchers, in agreement with the MOSaIC and HR Excellence in Research strategies.