On October two members of ERA Chairs Group took part in highly specialized trainings organized in WP 2 task: Strengthening scientific and innovation potential of IIMCB and surrounding region.

Bartosz Tarkowski participated in an advanced course titled “Essential informatics skills and knowledge to begin analysing next generation sequencing data” (19-23 October 2020). The main aim of the course was to provide a hands-on introduction to bioinformatics for next generation sequencing. The hands-on programme covered several aspects of next generation sequencing data analysis, including lectures, discussions and practical computational sessions.

“I gained a working knowledge of the unix command-line and advanced unix commands for automating bioinformatics tasks, knowledge of how to do QC assessment of high throughput sequencing data, some understanding of the algorithmic concepts behind short read alignment and variant calling, and practical experience using the software” - said Bartosz.

The next participant is Natalia Guminska who took part in a course named “Introduction to statistics in R” (26-29 October 2020). This training let participants who were interested in applying statistical approaches in their daily routine, got knowledge in using R as a working environment. The course was constructed with a mix of lectures and hands-on practical exercises using R.

“Thanks to the course, I acquired competences which are crucial for my postdoctoral project in IIMCB” - summarized Natalia.