The 27th Annual meeting of the RNA Society in Boulder, USA - is already behind us. The conference was attended by 3 members of Era Chairs Group: Prof. Andrzej Dziembowski - the leader, Natalia Gumińska and Karolina Kasztelan. During the conference both young scientists presented the posters.

The title of Natalia Gumińska's poster was: "Direct detection of non-adenosine nucleotides within poly(A) tails – a new tool for the analysis of post-transcriptional mRNA tailing". The poster of Karolina Kasztelan was entitled: identification of proteins involved in the regulation of double-stranded level in the nucleus of human cells".

We are pleased to inform you that the poster of Natalia Gumińska has been awarded for excellence in RNA research and as a recipient of an RNA SOCIETY Poster Award at RNA 2022!. Congratulations!